21st Vibe - 'WILD ONE' - 2007

Original PR from the 21st Vibe
Vibe for Philo 2007 Artwork

We did the 20th and it was mega. So we were trying to decide whether to do a 21st, when we heard the government was jacking a tax onto gigs at venues which sold alcohol on the 1st Jan '07. Bummer - having broken so much ground over the years its ironic that the Vibe will be the first gig of '07 that Bertie and the boys will be demanding an extra slice of the action. But what the hell - Ireland's longest running rock 'n'roll tribute is on track, back at Vicar Street, with the usual pre and post vibe. In a nod to our roots the post vibe will see a rock 'n' roll return to the legendary Old Morans Hotel - scene of many memorable Lizzy Sessions. Pre-vibe will be at Eamonn Dorans.

Tokyo's Lizzyboys, perpitrators of a hugely memorable set with Robbo some years ago are set for a return to the Vicar Street stage along with Finlands impressive riff-meisters Cold Sweat. The rest of the line-up is being assessed, chewed over, and considered. But you know it'll be great. It's called Wild One.

Vibe for Philo 2007 ticket

A shiver goes down your spine. The hair slowly rises on the back of your neck. You can feel small beads of sweat roll down your forehead. Soul Diva Bree Harris has that effect on you (even before she sings a note). Over a number of years Bree laid down some definitive interpretations of songs such as Got to give it up, Kings Call, and the Hendrixesque Gonna Creep Up on You. When she sings "I cried the night Philo died" during Kings Call, your gut wrenches and the tears flow because you know she was there and felt it too. Raw, emotional, and powerful, Bree pretty much took over the Soul-blues legacy of Lizzy's music, redefying it it ways that only the foolish or supremly confident would attempt to compete with. She's sadly been missing from the Vibe for the past few years but she's now ready to grace the Vibe stage once more. Classic? We'll let you decide.

Meanwhile, the audio-visual department have been making noises and suggest that they have once more ransacked the vaults to come up with some gems and surprises for your entertainment. More of which later. The great guitar debate is heating up - with negotiations continuing apace. We'll have news on that front real soon.

Vibe for Philo 2007 Lineup

The Lizzy Boys (Japan)

With appearances at Don't Believe A Word (Vibe 2001) and Emerald (Vibe 2003) as well as an acoustic duo featuring Satoshi Shibata and Jimmy Coup at the 20th Vibe in 2006, The Lizzy Boys could be called Vibe veterans by now!

The rockers from the land of the rising sun are set to wow us once more with their unique take on some classic Lizzy gems in 2007!

Featuring Masaharu HATTA (guitars), Takuo KUBO (bass & vocals), Satoshi SHIBATA (guitars) and Atsushi SETOGUCHI (drums), the boys are as popular backstage as onstage and we are honoured that they are taking time out of an hectic schedule to grace Vibe XXI this time round.

Cold Sweat (Finland)

Cold Sweat are only the second Finnish act to perform at a Vibe (the other being Finn Lizzy back at 'Southbound' in 2002). Formed in Turku, in 2002, Cold Sweat have an album to their credit - 'Dedicated To Thin Lizzy' (released Spring 2006) and which featured appearances by top Finnish vocalists. The lineup includes Aki (bass), Allu (lead guitars / backing vocals), Jari (lead guitars), Eepo (drums) and Italian-born Luca (vocals). Luca only joined the band in September but has already made a significant impact and helping to polish an already tight rock'n'roll machine. We look forward to giving them a warm Vibe welcome in January.

Bree Harris

The Bree Harris Band are legendary on the Irish music scene and are no strangers to The Vibe, having graced the stage in 2001 and 2002 as well as the 10th back in '96.

Their rocked up r'n'b was a delightful addition to those shows and we're convinced we're in for some very special magic at the 21st. Look forward to some very special guests performing with Bree and the boys too...


The latest addition to the Vibe 07' is a very interesting line-up. The band call themselves Gnasher after Philo's dog. The line-up is as follows:

Paul Toal (The Southbound band) lead vocals and bass, Brian Grace (ex The Elite and The Southbound Band) lead guitar, Jimmy Coup (ex Andrew WK) Guitar and vocals and on the drum stool it's Lenny (The Usual Suspects and Mockingbird).


You will find Paul, Brian and Lenny on the Dublin scene regularly in many bar each week with various bands. Paul and Brian headlined the Vibe tour 06' with The Southbound Band featuring Brian "Robbo" Robertson. Jimmy Coup is a Vibe veteran, he performed a very popular acoustic set on the Vibe 06' tour with Satoshi Shibata of The Lizzy boys. Lenny is a seasoned professional drummer for the last 15 years on the Irish circuit. At present he is based in Dublin and can be found all around the Capital each and every week! Expect early Lizzy from the lads, from the first album, Thin Lizzy right up to Fighting.

Leo Rickard

Leo Rickard is one of those legendary Irish musicians this country is famed for. A piper in the purest sense, he played with Clann Eadair which was closely linked with Philo - not least for their famous impromptu sessions in Howth on a Sunday.

Leo's credentials also boast Cry Before Dawn and In Tua Nua to mention a couple. He is very fondly remembered for his beautiful piping at Philo's graveside on the day of the funeral, and we look forward to him performing a similar tribute at Vibe XXI.

Vibe for Philo 2007 Gallery

There is currently no gallery for the 21st 'Wild One' Vibe, but images may be updated soon.