17th Vibe - 'Emerald' - 2003

Venue: Vicar Street - Dublin

Vibe 2003 Review - Sorted MagAZine / Mary Anne Kenny
Vibe for Philo 2003 Artwork

Black was the uniform of choice. Tight jeans, leather jackets and long hair were also in abundance - although balding heads were quite common too, given the average age of the audience. It has now been 17 years since the death of Thin Lizzy's charismatic frontman Philip Lynott but, every January, his dedicated fans turn up at these anniversary tribute concerts to celebrate his memory.

After some acoustic Lizzy numbers from Ronan Byrne (including a great version of Old Town), came one of the unexpected highlights of the night. Fifteen-year-old Leanne Harte took to the stage with her guitar for The Rocker and Look what the wind blew in. Despite her initial nerves, the crowd really warmed to her, especially when she was joined onstage by a group of unruly-looking Vikings (presumably meant to be Celtic warriors, but I don't think anyone cared about their ethnic origin by that stage) for Emerald. This girl can really play. My only misgiving about her is my own personal grudge that she's up there doing exactly what I dreamed about when I was 15. I, however, had no talent. Or guitar.

Not to be outdone, wunderkind James McIndoe joined Leanne on saxophone for Parisienne walkways. This kid is just 11 years old. As Midge Ure stated when he came on stage immediately afterward, "This is where tomorrow's talent lies - not on 'Popstars'." You have to feel a bit sorry for Midge Ure, though. He's been in the business since 1969 and played with Stumble, Salvation, Slik, Rich Kids, Misfits, Thin Lizzy, Visage and Ultravox but, no matter where he goes, it always comes back to that song. And here it was no different. After playing some lesser-known Lizzy ballads, including a great version of Little girl in bloom, the poor guy caved and the whole of Vicar Street resounded to a collective roar of Vienna.

Vibe for Philo 2003 Ticket Artwork

Next up was Japan's Lizzy Boys, who played lesser-known covers including Warriors, S&M and Johnny the Fox. Midge Ure joined them onstage for Get out of here and Rosalie. And I must admit, although it took a while to get my head around the fact that the Lizzy Boys look... well, nothing like Thin Lizzy, they really won over the crowd. At this point, some random punter from the audience came onstage and proposed to his girlfriend - and yes, luckily for him, she accepted...

Thin Az Lizzy - the act that most people had come to see, followed. These hardy perennials make an appearance every year and seem to have the monopoly on the most popular songs, opening up with Jailbreak and racing through a set that included 'Emerald (those Vikings again), Waiting for an alibi, Dancin' in the moonlight, Hollywood and, of course, The boys are back in town. Both John Earle and Midge Ure joined them for Baby drives me crazy, finishing up a genuine stormer of a set.

As Thin Az Lizzy finished to endless cheers, Philomena Lynnott came onstage to speak to the crowd. During a minute's silence held "for departed loved ones", some fools in the audience just couldn't hold their piece and did their best to ruin the atmosphere. But there was a genuine sense of respect amongst the crowd for this lady, who spoke with a rare eloquence that seemed to touch even the drunkest rocker in the audience.

After this, Laurence Archer's Grand Slam couldn't help but be a bit of an anti-climax and the crowd thinned out considerably. Although they finished up with Parisienne walkways and a torch-bearing, semi-acoustic Sarah, the audience had pretty much lost interest and the whole situation was a little embarrassing for both Archer and any members of the audience who were still sober enough to notice.

After a final wrap-up from Smiley Bolger, that was the Vibe For Philo over for another year. I don't know what the shelf-life is for these tribute gigs but, as long as fans can relive their wasted youth and play out their rocker dreams, I suspect the Vibe For Philo will continue for a while yet. In the meantime, the crowd who filed out of Vicar Street returned to their sedate office jobs on Monday morning, with the leathers safely packed away for next year.

Vibe for Philo 2003 Lineup

  • Midge Ure Scotland
  • Thin Az Lizzy (with special guest John 'Irish' Earle)
  • Philomena Lynott
  • Grand Slam UK
  • Ronan Byrne (acoustic)
  • The Lizzy Boys Japan
  • Leanne Harte
  • Vagabond Kings USA
  • James McIndoe (sax)

Vibe 2003 Review - Emerald

John Meagher / The Event Guide
Cheers Philo

Even though it's been 17 years since Phil Lynott's death, a capacity crowd tuened up for the annual Vibe for Philo. Organised by thin Lizzy's publ;icist, the memorably monikered Smiley Bolger, the idea is to commemorate the man through some great music and a grainy video showing interviews with thoise who were closest to him during his hectic life. And no doubt Phil would have approved with the copious amounts of alcohol being consumed.

Bolger assembled a varied cast, including Thin Lizzy tribute bands, acoustic troubadours, a teenage schoolgirl and Midge Ure. The former Ultravox singer was the special guest and he delivered a short, heartfelt set as well as joining the other acts for a song or two. His biggest hit Vienna, was one of the few non-Lizzy songs to be aired all night.

The most enjoyable performance came courtesy of Japan. The Lizzy Boys hail from the Land of the Rising Sun and theor set came close to the intensity of the original band - which is a strange sight when you're watching these squeaky clean, well-dressed guys. They really got the crowd going with a super rendition of one of Phil Lynott's greatest songs, Cowboy Song.

It was to Bolger's credit that a huge variety of Thin Lizzy songs were performed, and not just the most popular efforts like Sarah and Old Town. And it's good to see a new crop of musicians, Dubliner Leanne Harte and James McIndoe, taking part despite the fact that they weren't even born when Phil Lynott died.

Everything was relayed on the big screen for the benefit of those at the back or the revellers in The Shelter next door, which had been specially opened to accomodate the big crowd.

Long may this generous tribute to one of Ireland's greatest music exports continue.

Vibe for Philo 2003 Gallery

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