12th Vibe - 'Shades of a Blue Orphanage' - 1998

Venue: Temple Theatre - Dublin

Original PR from the 12th Vibe
Vibe for Philo 1998 Artwork

In the wilderness years of Ireland's 1970's music scene, there were three certainties every Christmas - Horslips, Rory Gallagher and Thin Lizzy. For a nation starved of exposure to international acts, the importance of the 'homecoming' tours each year cannot be underestimated, and now sadly all three are gone.

Vibe for Philo 1998 alternate Artwork

Before the Rats, U2, Sinead, or all the other crop of new Irish kids on the block, there was a comfort in finding yourself in a crowded hall or stadium some place on the other side of the world, when a tall black guy walked out and asked "Is there anyone out there from Dublin?"

From humble origins upstairs at McGonagle's, the annual Vibe has grown to an important part of Ireland's musical calendar, as former Lizzies, friends, and the latest generation of hopefuls take the stage, paying tribute in their own unique way. Old favourites are reinterpreted, while often forgotten B-sides are given the prominence they deserve, each Vibe having its own unique theme, atmosphere and memories.

Getting their house in order for the Vibe are Thin Az Lizzy, who are bound to give an unmissable performance (as always), with guests such as the one-and-only John Earl on saxophone and all the way from Glasgow, Mr. Brian Robertson, Brian Downey, Gus Isadore and Jerome Rimson make up the Laughing Cavelleros and only those who saw their performance last year can adequately describe its effect.

Vibe for Philo 1998 Laminate Artwork

Lir are also making an appearance, as are Damien Dempsey and Philomena Lynott with Whiskey In The Jar - New York style, not to be missed under any circumstances. Rory Gallagher tribute band After Taste with special guest Ditch Cassidy, are bringing Gallagher meets Lizzy to life, and then Black Rose will be doing it Copenhagen style.

Vibe for Philo 1998 Lineup

  • The Laughing Cavalieros (Brian Downey, Jerome Rimson & Gus Isadore)
  • Thin Az Lizzy
  • Lir
  • After Taste
  • Black Rose Denmark
  • Live and Dangerous
  • Art of Damage
  • Philomena Lynott and Damian Dempsey
  • Robbie Brennan and his traditional tribe
  • Dave Murphy
  • Barry James UK
  • Louis.Lee.Blues
  • Cafe Wha
  • The Whipping Boy
  • Other possibilities:
    Bree Harris, Mary Stokes, The Profits, The Elite, Rob Strong, Brush Shiels

Vibe for Philo 1998 Gallery

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