16th Vibe - 'Southbound' - 2002

Venue: The Submarine Bar - Crumlin, Dublin

Original PR from the 16th Vibe
Vibe for Philo 2002 Artwork

We're bringing it all back home!!

A short walk from Philo's childhood home and school, Crumlin's multi-level Submarine Bar is the venue for the 16th Vibe for Philo - and have we got a special line-up for you…

Dizzy Lizzy from Birmingham, hailed by Philomena Lynott as "the closest tribute band I've come across playing my son's music", are topping the bill - along with acclaimed London rockers, Fat Sam's Grand Slam, who promise to rock the Vibe with a set of classic Philo numbers. Joining them are Dublin's Bree Harris Band (who'll be playing a storming extended acoustic set), premier Finnish tribute act Finn Lizzie, and last but not least, The Southbound Band, featuring former members of The Elite - who are getting together especially for the 16th Vibe and are sure to pull out all the stops.

Vibe for Philo 2002 Ticket Artwork

This year, we've got it the lot - the most rockin' Thin Lizzy tribute acts around, acoustic sets that will shake the rafters, archive video footage, special guests - and it's all happening in the area that Philo grew up in - he'd be proud of this one.

Vibe for Philo 2002 Lineup

Onstage (in order of appearance):

  • Finn Lizzy Finland
  • Brendan Hickey (poetry)
  • Parris (duo - acoustic set) The Netherlands
  • The Southbound Band (Ex The Elite)
  • Barry James (acoustic) UK
  • Fat Sam's Grand Slam UK
  • Paddy Casey (acoustic)
  • Philomena Lynott
  • Bree Harris Band with special guest Richie Buckley
  • Mark Anthony & The Kids USA
  • Smiley Bolger
  • Dizzy Lizzy UK

Vibe for Philo 2002 Gallery

There is currently no gallery for the 16th 'Southbound' Vibe, but images may be updated soon.