11th Vibe - 'Cowboy Song' - 1997

Venue: Temple Bar Music Centre - Dublin

Original PR from the 11th Vibe
Vibe for Philo 1997 Artwork

1997 Temple Bar Music Centre - The Cowboy Song

Vibe for Philo 1997 Ticket Artwork

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Vibe for Philo 1997 Lineup

In order of Appearance:

  • Thin As Lizzy
  • Band Of The Future
  • Rude Awakening USA
  • John McNamee
  • Damien Dempsey (acoustic)
  • Tony, Ronan & Connor (The Boys)
  • Limehouse Lizzy UK
  • Derek A. Dempsey (acoustic)
  • Brian Downey, Gerome Rimson & Gus Isadore
  • Philomena Lynott

Vibe for Philo 1997 Gallery

There is currently no gallery for the 11th Cowboy Song Vibe, but images may be updated soon.