30th Vibe for Philo - 2016

Ok Folks - the 30th Vibe is done and dusted. The pics are now in the gallery of the Vibe 2016 page and the vids have also been uploaded to the Vibe YouTube page. This year turned out to be a remarkable event (thanks to all of you).

A lot of people who didn't manage to grab one on the night are getting in touch with us regarding the availability of the 2016 tshirts. Unfortunately there are none left. The shirt is a limited edition run and when they're gone - they're gone!

Smiley and the Vibe for Philo team work hard every year to stage the event, but at the end of the day it's you - Philip's supporters, that ensure its success. YOU are the Vibe for Philo. Take a bow! Till the next time....



Vibe 2016 Vids

The vids of the 30th Anniversary Vibe for Philo 'The Sun Goes Down' are now uploaded to the Vibe YouTube channel Check them out!!


Vibe Facebook

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Vibe YouTube Channel

All previous Vibe videos are currently being moved to our YouTube channel, so head on over and get a taste of what the Vibe is all about. It'll take a while for us to complete the task but there's plenty there to whet your appetite...

Young Rockers Vibe

FacebookVisit the Young Rockers Vibe Facebook page here. The Young Rockers Vibe is a special all ages event for all the family!


Eric, Philomena and Brian
Brian G and Glen Hansard
Charlie's Angels
Smiley and Philomena
Brian and Eric on the Vibe tour bus 2006