31st Vibe - 2017

Tickets for the 4th are now SOLD OUT but there are still some available for the 3rd & 5th. These are selling quickly though so the advice is better get in there quickly to avoid disappointment!

This year, tickets are only available from Ticket ABC, and have been selling faster than anticipated.

Smiley has posted info on the Vibe 2017 page, so check it out and make sure to watch the Vibe Facebook page for totally up to date info...







Vibe 2017

Tickets are now on sale for the 31st Vibe for Philo 'Saga of the Ageing Orphan'(apart from Jan. 4th which is now sold out). Read more HERE

Vibe Facebook

FacebookVisit us on the Official Vibe for Philo Facebook page for totally up-to-date News

Vibe YouTube Channel

All previous Vibe videos are currently being moved to our YouTube channel, so head on over and get a taste of what the Vibe is all about. It'll take a while for us to complete the task but there's plenty there to whet your appetite...






Eric, Philomena and Brian
Brian G and Glen Hansard
Charlie's Angels
Smiley and Philomena
Brian and Eric on the Vibe tour bus 2006