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As you can probably see, we're in the middle of redesigning the Vibe website. It's a bit like having the builders in while you live in the spare room as we need to keep site live while we knock down the many extensions that have been added over the years!

The past vibes are being added at the minute and we'll be working backwards with those. The difference this time around is that while all of the current photo galleries will be kept, the videos that we have will be moving to our Vibe YouTube space

The priority right now is to get things up and running with info on the 28th Vibe for Philo - 'Fight or Fall' event which has just been announced.

Thanks for your patience - we'll get there eventually!

Vibe 2014 News

The preparations for VIBE FOR PHILO 2014 are coming together right now so read more about it here.

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Welcome to the Vibe for Philo website!

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Vibe YouTube Channel

All previous Vibe videos are currently being moved to our YouTube channel, so head on over and get a taste of what the Vibe is all about. It'll take a while for us to complete the task but there's plenty there to whet your appetite...



Eric, Philomena and Brian
Brian G and Glen Hansard
Charlie's Angels
Smiley and Philomena
Brian and Eric on the Vibe tour bus 2006